Amazing To My Sheltered Eyes

My first visit to Florida, I had a tiny 2 megapixel camera that didn\’t have much storage space. But I took what I could, and I also used disposable cameras that you had to ge developed at CVS or Walgreens or Rite Aid, or wherever you could. This is what I got. This was where I stayed, The Worthington Guest House, Ft Lauderdale Beach, Florida, was a clothing optional gay resort, what a shock to my Mainer eyes. But tons of fun. Then The Elysium resort across the street, SAME thing, different pools. So funny.

My First Visit I Fell In Love

Ricky and Reinaldo In Love At First Site




My first visit to Florida was a dream. I couldn\’t believe how warm it was and how nice the breezes felt on my skin. The palm trees waving in the wind and the ocean crashing on the beach. I knew I had fallen in love and I couldn\’t wait to come back again for more. I wanted to live in Florida so badly I could just taste it and I knew I needed to make it happen.

Ricky Hanson